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Gripes With Media [& humans in general]

This week has seen humanity use social media for an exemplary cause. The exposure of some of the world worst war crimes and a person so evil that the worlds superpowers are scared of him and his army of tortured souls, or at least scared of the mess that the country from which he and his army originates from is in.

I am talking about Joseph Kony, and of course the Kony 2012 Campaign borught to light through a beautiful if only simplistic view of the atrocities that are taking place now in the democratic republic of Congo but originated in a horrifically effected Uganda.

Whilst this is probably the most disturbing thing I have had brought to my attention through social media, along with interesting behaviours of American soldiers in the Afgan war, and ongoing stories of Hilter’s regime, I could not help but be shocked by the reactions of some of my friends and critics the world over. Mostly the reactions of my friends [sic ‘facebook friends’].

After watching the Kony video and listening to the narration that clearly describes over thirty thousand  people losing their family either by their own forced hand or from that of another innocent 12 year old wielding an assault rifle or a petrol soaked rag on a stick I was once agian shock by the tragedy, and immediately wanted to know what I could do to help ‘Invisible Children’ with their battle to set up emergency radio frequencies, build schools and do whatever else they could do to help Jacob and people like him.

I watched the boys, hundreds of them, huddling together in a room, for years after having to leave their family so they wouldn’t be killed raped and tortured. Sleeping in conditions, not that far from the also troubled (poor use of words I know)  refugees, that are caught in a massive whirlpool of uncertainty and fear of arrest. I watched this and welled up. The English language has a phrase for this.

“That is Fucked”.

Some of the reactions though have been right up there with what I would call “Fucked too”. One ‘friend of a friend’ on a popular social media channel, decided to chip in right when the disconcerting discussion around how the Invisible Children were going about spending their money. They were appalled at the fact that the CEO was accepting 90k per year to run the Charity (NGO), they also had another well informed ‘aqaintance’ interject with their humble opinion that we have crisis’ in Australia that are closer to home they we should be contributing money to.

From that statement I formed only one question.

When was the last time you saw footage on A current Affair of 150 or more kids aged 10-15 with no adults around, sleeping in one room, too scared to go home for fear their families would be raped, tortured and killed. Not returning to their village more than 20kms or more away, scared that they would be forced by an army of people their own age,  into raping, torturing their own village and then burning it down.

Personally I have not seen this in Australia, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, well actually it doesn’t happen. For all the terrible things that do happen in Australia, the varied abuse of our beautiful Aboriginal culture, the poor treatment of the homeless and the difficulties associated with assisting people in the lower income brackets ( wow a sentence without saying socio-economic), I cannot recall a village burning down, or en-mass rape and pillage of a small town.

I cannot recall ever wishing I could just pay ten thousand dollars to a dodgy boat driver, just to try and attempt to escape to another country with a beautiful democracy.

You know why?

Because Australia is referred to as Paradise. When I say that, I am making a vast generalisation, but it is true. Although we are still within the monarchy, we are supremely democratic, to the point where we still allow free speech and people like Bob Katter to make obscene homophobic television commercials.

I really hope that people realise this before opening their Facebook warrior mouths. I hope that even as the most candid conversation takes place that these things are though about before someone else says “we need to stop the boats” or “those bastards need to get in line like the rest of the legal refugees”

That last one, the ‘get in line statement’ says a lot. Especially coming from a bunch of white collar upper middle class citizens that get impatient and think it is a travasty that they had to wait for 5 seconds after a light turned green, violently beeping there horn at the car in front as if a small village was being burned down. It wasn’t.

The salary in question is 90k. Yes, it is a lot. But I am sure that the man running the charity, has big decisions to make, I am sure he drives a BMW, I am sure, that he has given up much of his life and injected it back into the exposure of this terrible situation, I am sure he has a family to take care of.

But did you also know, that the guy that takes your pictures at an Xray  clinic, the nurse that expertly takes care of you at a hospital emergency, the Executive assistant to the Manager of your local bank branch may well be on the same pay. The Average pay at present is around 65k per annum. There are a lot of numbers both above and below this figure, but did we forget that the very recent #Occupy rallies?. Think back a couple of media weeks.

These are the CEOs that we should be getting angry about.

15million per year. Who needs that kind of Bank roll to live? Who?

These are the people that we should be passing ignorant comments about on Facebook. The guys that have a helicopter to get to work. the Gina Rineharts’ of the world.

I am sure they have worked hard for the cash, but I am nearly damn sure that the CEO of Invisible Children works harder, and for a better cause, than to increase the profits of the bank.

Tim Michin has a great song called ‘Fuck the Poor’ and it repeatedly mentions the fact that that we donate to waylay some guilt. Perhaps we do. Indeed we do but perhaps the Banks and ignorant comment passers should be donating more.

I am a slacktivist – Self confessed. I am not organised enough to get  together on any thing remotely charitable aside from donating, but I can also speak up non ignorantly when needed. Without fear that it is not fashionable.

Yes there is some things in Australia that we can concentrate on too, but nothing compares even remotely to the attrocities that are happening at the hands of people like Kim Jong Ills Son, Joseph Kony, and several other poor excuses from Human beings.

We could wish for Darwin to have invented a disintegration ray gun to support his theory of evolution.

Like the clothes shops tell us what clothes we are allowed to buy at present by not stocking anything else, out of current season, it is the same with the media. They are trying to tell us what we currently should be concerned with.

My only advice. Join Twitter. Listen to what the world thinks is important. Not the AAP.

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Robbery Newtown

I just found out the my work friend was robbed.

Not just any sort of robbed but robbed by the sort of people that have no soul and now conscience. This is not as simple as a first world problem.

The Scenario:

His wife came home from work yesterday, in Newtown, and found that everything, except for their bed and their young child’s cot had been stolen. A week out from christmas some fine citizen has broken into his house, stolen his clothes, his electronics, and to make matters worse they have stolen all the digital and print copies of all their pictures and all their videos. To put that in perspective they have stolen all photo and video evidence of their first young childs life from birth to date and their young family’s earliest years together.
Clothes are replaceable. Televisions are replaceable. Jewellery is replaceable.

But very cherished memories of your child’s first steps, or there first bowl of custard thrown across the room is not.

Not to mention this is a week out from christmas. This time of year should not be any different from any other when it comes to STEALING ANOTHER PERSONS ENITRE FUCKING HOUSE AND LIFE but it makes it that little bit more heart breaking.


The retort:

I cannot even begin to imagine how he and is poor family must feel. Although they have extended family in Sydney to help them deal with the anguish of such a terrible situation it still must be devastating.  Luck is however, no one was hurt, no one was in harms way when these drone bees of society broke in and tore through this lovely young families life.

Another thought to jump to is so much for neighbour hood watch, but in saying that, the neighbours of this affluent suburb were probably at work too, making an honest living, not driving around and stealing other peoples entire houses.

I just hope and pray that justice finds the people that did this.

I know that from working with my colleague that he and his family will get through this, he is strong, motivated and sensitive and I am sure his family are too.

No it is not a Hatian earthquake, and no it is not Fukushima Daichi reaching metldown, but it just high lights all the little incidences where human kind faulters, that add to the larger poisons and tribulations caused by a lack of respect for fellow humans, and the good work they do.

My Colleague is a Nurse, and spends his whole day ensuring the best quality, safest, and most appropriate health care is delivered to people from all walks of life, without question one of the hardest working people I know.

People like him and his family, should not be targets for scum of the earth, driving around fleecing people of every single one of their earthly possessions aside from the shirt on their back, that they have work extremely hard for.

With all that in mind please spare a though for my work colleague, I am sure there have been many other victims of these extremely low life people. I just hope someone catches them*

*by catch them I think we all know what I mean

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Coverage….so its ok?

Once again the Australian media or should I say the ASStralian media have done there best to give a bad person credit. I didn’t even partake in the ‘benefit of the doubt’ process of watching the sorrowful tale-telling that was apparently Matthew Newton’s interview.

This for some strange reason, actually it’s not so strange due to the fact the share a very common bond. For some not-so-strange reason takes me back to the fact that Chris Brown has had countless interviews post the incidents that we all know about, and has actually gone on to release another album, and do some fantastic duets with people who are happy to tolerate the fact that he, well, ok, um,

beat the fucking shit out of Rhianna.

As with Matthew Newton, he has now assaulted two girls, tried to blame it on an aggression problem, and skipped around the fact (like a spoilt little toddler) that drugs played a massive part, as did alcohol, and tried to blame it all on some magical uncontrollable being, called “going berserk”

Matthew, I don’t feel sorry for you. From the clips I heard, you had the chance to say sorry to the two girls. You had the chance to say, yes I take full responsibility for my actions, and I would do anything to take them back. instead however you tried to dilute it with stories of self harm, stories – well actually lack of stories, and relied of ambiguity, and the camouflage of legal proceedings.

Even when you did start to mention, Brooke and Rachel, you retreated away, and unfortunately, left listeners wondering whether you were trying to share the blame for the arguments with them equally 50% or you were trying to leave them out of the interview because they had been through so much.

You hit and beat up to lovely girls (that we know of). Lets not forget that.

A long time ago I was told by some bullshit presenter at some bullshit conference that I went to, a very important thing. Humans have the special talent of being able to make a choice (unless you and inebriated) to decide as soon as they wake, whether they will be happy or angry for the rest of they day, or at least the start.

You can wake up and think. Ok today I am going to be happy.  The same process may not apply after you have taken some form of narcotics, or some form of alcohol but it sure does before hand. Do if want to take these drugs?/alcohol?.

Yes your dad is famous. Yes you were at some point an OK actor. (many would argue)

But this should never be excused or publicised from your view-point.

Matthew Newton is only the victim of his own bad choices. Chris Brown, and all the other people out their committing acts of violence on both females, and males are not the victims. Sure they may have been somewhere in time but not when they are doing it, out side of self defence to other people.

Stop giving them airtime, cause the bloke down the road who works as an office worker who beats his wife doesn’t get air time, the Tradie who glasses his girlfriend does not get air time, and the other many people who live with mental illness do not get airtime, people who live with mental health issues, that were not caused by bad choices surrounding drugs, do not get airtime.

I guess when looking for a bottom line, the only one I can come up with is that A Current Affair – is just a catalyst, in promoting a media state where violence towards women, using an excuse called drugs is just great news.

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Has there ever been any studies into why

Has there ever been any studies into why the first thing we yell out the window of our cars at bad drivers is usually race related?

Anonymity. Not cowardice.

Have you everhad a situation in your work place, in your life, amongst your friends, that you just wanted to talk about, tell someone about, inform someone about, let the world know about?

Is your girl/boy friend cheating on their partner?, is your workplace corrupt, and suffering from the disease that is nepotism.

Do you have a close friend, colleague, acquaintance, organsiation, that you need to know something, but it is not necessary that they need to hear it from you?

Do you need to hide behind someone or something to share some information with another party?

Email the devils advocate