For years I have been getting more angry about social situations, interaction between humans, and general day to day small things, that have a great deal of impact on life flowing smoothly.

These things could be as simple as someone standing too close to you at the supermarket, or a current affair glorifying crushed fibre glass as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis.

There is many things that fill me with rage, disappointment, despair, and an over arching sense of why people either give up on life (tracksuit pants), or become addicted to rage.

This blog is dedicated to those moments. Instead of directly turning to the woman in Myer that is turning 75 this year and slapping her with a $100 soup spoon, for not looking outside of the conversation she is having to serve you, I will immortalise her rudeness. Hers and every other socially inadequate human that I have the displeasure of meeting.


This blog is dedicated to these people.


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